…….but I don’t have a goal, Miss!

Hi there everyone. Sometimes a young person will not know how they want coaching to help them, or might struggle to identify where their life is out of balance. The Wheel of Life is a great tool that aids reflection and focus on specific coaching goals.
Using the PDF document below:

  1. Explore each section with the young person. For example, ‘Friends’ might lead to discussions about popularity, number of friends, quality and longevity of friendships etc.
  2. As each section is explored, get the pupil to rate the quality of that particular area of their life from 1 to 10. ’10’ would be totally satisfied, whereas a ‘1’ would signify being extremely unhappy.
  3. The ideal shape on the Wheel of Life would be a circle passing through the number 10 on each segment. However, there will more likely be some low scoring areas and the coach would need to explore those in some detail, attempting to help the pupil identify some goals.
  4. It would be too much to focus on a number of low scoring areas all at once, so help the young learner prioritise.
  5. But take care, not to just focus on the areas that need attention, but also celebrate the segments where the pupil is doing well and satisfied with their life.

Wheel of Life children

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