Do it now!

Did I get your attention? Good. Because there’s a lot of talk about work-life balance. It’s something we strive for but often never seem to achieve. And the reason is simple – this concept is not a destination or end state but rather a journey towards a desired state of being. You might achieve moments or days of ‘balance’ but it’s not likely to be experienced on a permanent basis. So there’s the bad news. But the good news is if we understand what barriers lay before us, that are stopping us from moving towards our desired state, and then do something about them, we are more likely to feel good about our lives. So how satisfied are you with your work-life balance?

  1. Rate your work-life balance from 1 to 10 (’10’ being you stop reading this blog right now because it’s just perfect, and ‘1’ being you have no life as such and can’t see a way forward. When doing this exercise, think about how satisfied you are with your relationships, working hours, the work you do, how in control of your life you are, if you exercise, sleep, and can relax easily as well as interests you pursue, and major stressors in your life.
  2. Now write a 3 word descriptor about how you feel about this number. If it’s a ‘3’ then you might write, ‘stressed and tired’, or a ‘7’ might be, ‘sometimes it’s fun’.
  3. Document the 2 actions above and write down the date too.
  4. Now imagine what is possible! Vividly visualise what your ideal desired state would be, thinking about how your personal and professional worlds might compliment each other. Think about the choices and actions you make that will move you towards this ideal state. How do you feel when you visualise being there? What does it look like? How is it different from now?
  5. Now write down a 3 word descriptor for this new ideal state. It could be, ‘I’m in control’, or, ‘weekends are mine’.
  6. Of course, moving towards your desired work-life balance needs you to actually make the right choices and then take action. So, what are you waiting for!

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