What’s your priorities?

If you are unhappy with your work-life balance, one of the first things you must do is look at your priorities – do you spend enough time on what is important to you? The common problems are that people haven’t prioritised, or they have but haven’t acted upon them (or don’t know how to), or have come up against one of the low priority creep barriers that side tracks you.

  1. The first thing to do is create a vision, a professional and personal vision. Once you have done this it’s easier to make sound decisions.
  2. There are a number of ways you can create a vision, and include imagining your future self, writing a future job description in 5/10/15 years, or even write a plan of where you want to be in 5/10 years. Whatever this future vision looks like, it must excite you, and concern what’s really important to you now.
  3. Now you can develop your priorities. Break this vision/big picture into manageable chunks and decide what are you going to commit to doing in the next 6 months, to move towards your vision. But be realistic. Set yourself up for success. And think about financial, and time resources, energy levels and if you are really ready and willing to do this.
  4. Now as you will know, there can be a disconnect between knowing your priorities and doing something about them! So, you’ll need to secure time that is sacred, each day, week, and month. For example, think about how you will plan each day, and select maybe 2 or 3 priorities (professional and personal) that will help you work towards your vision. Also think about changes that you need to make, or support you need, to do this.
  5. You will also need to think about where to plan, for how long, and how you will ensure it’s sacred?
  6. So now plan! This is, of course, a tangible way to move forward. And don’t forget to plan a routine to evaluate and revisit your progress, this way you’ll be able to celebrate the strides you are making towards the work-life balance you want!

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