Giving Feedback

I’ve experienced some poor lesson observation feedback in the past which has had the opposite effect to that which I’m sure the observer wanted. So what do we need to keep in mind as Middle Leaders when giving feedback:

  • Do it soon – don’t hang about, and try to give it on the same day or very soon after. It’s good for the teacher who wants to know what you thought, but also for you as you don’t forget any key points as they are still fresh in the mind.
  • Get a room – do the feedback in private where you are not going to be disturbed. Don’t give tasters (in the corridor) before the meeting either, just do it somewhere private and in the right setting.
  • Think about the words you use – words are powerful! ‘How do you think it went?’ is a good opener. Depending on their response you’ll be able to see if they are self aware, or need some more focused questioning
  • What are the key learning points – don’t try and get them to work on everything. Keep it to a few things which they are then more likely to achieve.
  • Follow up support – what are you going to do (in a supportive and developmental way) to help them improve?

Have a great day!


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