Using a colour/ emotions wheel


This is something I use, usually at the beginning of each session I have with a young person. At the very first session, I ask the learner to either colour each segment with a colour they associate with a particular emotion (so they might think of the colour red for anger), or, draw a picture associated with the emotion. Then, at the beginning of each session, we visit the wheel to see how they are feeling (and you could ask them how they were feeling at other parts of the week to find out more about their emotional journey so far).
You can explore how they feel (what happens to their body, for example) when they experience a particular emotion, what does their face look like, their posture, and what sort of situations have they been in which have triggered a particular emotion, and how did they deal with them.
Christie Burnett also suggests that you can use the wheel to investigate how other people might have felt in a situation, should you be discussing an issue that the young person wants to talk about.

Have a good first session!

Colour or Emotion Wheel

Colour or Emotion Wheel example

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