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Are you still on track?

Remember all those promises you made to yourself at the end of 2016? Well, how are you doing with them? Still on track to make that million, lose the weight, or meet the man/woman of your dreams? January is a hard month to get through and often defeats us in our endeavours. How are we doing in August?! So what can we do about it?
Looking at your goals regularly is vitally important. You need to keep your goals in a safe place and look at them preferably every day and at least once a week. They should be visible to you, e.g. next to your computer, or in your study. Somewhere where you can see them every day and reflect on what you have done that day to achieve them. Always move towards your goals.
Add pictures if you want. E.g. if one of your goals is a new car, cut out some pictures of the colour, make and model of car you want and add them to your goals. Wayne Farrell says, ‘Remember everything is created twice, once in your mind and once in the physical world’.

Good luck with your Goals!


Being positive about a new school year

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive about the new school year when the previous one hasn’t been a particularly good one. So how do you think positively about September, and wow all those people you’ll meet over the summer with your exciting plans?

Regardless of whether they are work related or personal, think about 3 things you are proud to have achieved (or survived!) this last year. Try to choose things you have had an active part in controlling rather than just things that have happened to you. These should put a smile on your face and get you in the right frame of mind for the next activity!

Now, think of 3 things that you would like to achieve by the end of July 2018. This will get your September off to a positive start and get you thinking about how you are going to do these 3 things. Mark Lee says,’ try to finish the year on a high and be excited for what the new school year will bring’. Wise words indeed!

Have a lovely Summer and a productive New School Year!


Get rid………of the negative.

Here’s an exercise that will help to deal with some of the negativity from your past:

 1) Choose an event in your life where you experienced some failure. Notice the emotion that you felt. E.g. Fear or anger. For this exercise choose an event where the emotion is of low or medium intensity. Not something that has a lot of “Charge” behind it.

2) Remember the first frame of the movie (picture) of that memory and hold it in your mind.

3) Now step out of that picture so that you can see yourself in the picture. (Like you are an actor in your own movie.) You can also imagine some circus or other light hearted music playing in the background.

4) Change the colour of the picture to black and white and shrink the picture smaller. (Like watching a black and white movie on one of those old portable TV’s.)

5) Watch yourself acting in the movie in black and white until the end of the memory/event.

6) You should be feeling less emotional about that event than before you started. (You can do this a few times for the same event and the emotion will become even less.)

NLP Coach Wayne Farrel says we need to let go of those limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and clear up our past so we can move towards a compelling future. The unconscious mind does many things for us to help in our daily lives, like run your body, stores and organises your memories, is the domain of our emotions, represses memories with unresolved negative emotions and sometimes represents these to you for resolution.
The thing is that when we understand and work with our unconscious mind, then we can achieve much greater results, much easier. By releasing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions from the past, you become more in control of your emotions in the future as well as letting go of the life draining negativity of the past.

Go on! Eat that Frog!

In his book ‘Eat That Frog’, Brian Tracy mentions a strange saying which goes like this: if the first thing you do in the morning is eat a live frog, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that it’s the worst thing you’ll have to do all day! So he’s saying, if you have a big, important and possibly scary issue to deal with, try to make sure you give it your attention first. Get yourself ready so that you can deal with this task before all the others. But why? Well, because the important things generate the most significant results. It’s often said that 80% of results come from 20% of activities; so if you have a list of twenty things to do, four of the things on your list will be more important than all the others put together.

Happy eating!